City of Geneva Comprehensive Watershed Study

The City of Geneva selected WBK Engineering to help develop a comprehensive approach to understanding and managing existing drainage and infrastructure conditions within the City of Geneva.

Primary Services included:
• Investigate and evaluate existing watersheds and conditions
• Coordinate and facilitate public outreach
• Evaluate, analyze and develop solutions for deficiencies
• Develop a five-year Capital Improvement Program with annual budget recommendations
• Prepare a final report and present to City Council
• Identify financial resources and funding opportunities

The overarching purpose of this study was to identify and effectively address the stormwater issues affecting the City and its residents and businesses. It was intended to improve decision making by informing City staff and elected officials of concerns related to drainage infrastructure throughout the City, identify a proposed drainage improvement program, and identify funding and budget needs for such a program. The study was comprised of three main components; data gathering through public input, analysis of drainage issues and design of mitigation measures, and economic analysis and capital plan development.

Public engagement was the first step in providing a comprehensive understanding of drainage challenges and concerns experienced by residents and businesses. Three methods of gaining public input were completed; a public web portal, an open house, and interaction with residents following a May 2020 storm event.

The location and severity of drainage issues varied across the City. A total of 25 study areas were identified. Each study area was evaluated to determine the cause of the issue, and drainage improvements identified to resolve the drainage concern documented. In five study areas the nature of the recommendations warranted a phased and multi-year approach to construction of drainage improvements.

One of the primary objectives for the study was the development of a capital plan, intended to be long-range with a horizon of 10 years, split into two distinct phases. For the 25 identified study areas, project costs were developed which included construction as well as soft costs for engineering, and in some cases, land acquisition. Projects were prioritized and programmed through an interactive discussion with City staff recognizing community benefit, risk, and an effort to spread costs across a five-year horizon. Concept level drainage improvements, along with opinion of costs were identified for each of the 25 project areas. The total cost for the project was estimated to be $16.2 million. Phase one of the plan (years 1 through 5) had an estimated cost of $7.4 million with an average annual expenditure of $1.5 Million.

View WBK’s presentation of the Watershed Study to the City of Geneva City Council Meeting on September 12, 2022 here. 

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