BIA School Assessments

WBK Engineering, LLC (WBK) subcontracted to sister company, Seven Generations Architecture & Engineering, for a project with The U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) / Bureau of Indian Education (BIE), Department of Facilities and Construction Management (DFMC). The DFMC hired the AE team to perform comprehensive evaluations at 18 BIA/BIE campuses in six states throughout the Southwest District and in South Dakota (part of the Great Plains District). The AE team evaluated site infrastructure, buildings, mechanical and electrical systems, and environmental concerns. Summary reports were developed and included condition, remaining service life, and estimated replacement cost, with a total of approximately $90 million in proposed improvements. The 18 school campuses covered 850 acres and included assessments of over 200 school buildings and 300 quarter houses.

WBK’s focus was the school site infrastructure including: roads, parking lots, sidewalks, playground and recreation areas, security fencing and gates, water wells and storage tanks, water treatment and distribution facilities, fire hydrants, wastewater lagoons and sanitary sewer facilities, stormwater facilities and utility infrastructure. WBK also evaluated areas around building facilities for ADA accessibility, door stoops and ramps, loading docks, and retaining walls/ landscaping.

WBK developed an approach to inventory and document existing conditions. This included incorporating schematic utility maps provided by the BIA into open source aerial imagery to create a base map of the site. Buildings were identified along with years of construction and use for ease of reference by the team. Assessments were completed by two to four staff members depending on the schedule and complexity of the assignment. During site visits, extensive photo documentation was performed and on-site interviews completed with staff and key stakeholders.

Following site visits, WBK compiled full reports for each of the site investigations. A spreadsheet was developed and ordered according to the UniFormat Specification outline for element G Sitework. This included an extensive list of all site elements. The AE team rated each element from Satisfactory to Unsatisfactory which correlated to the specific element’s remaining useful service life. The BIA had developed a prioritation of buildings and infrastructure which was incorporated to the table. Where possible, a representative photo was linked to the feature being described and when necessary, a recommendation for repair/replacement was assigned with a cost, based on RS Means data.







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Project Timeline: 
 2019 – Present

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WBK Team
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