Ribbon Cutting Celebrates Illini Bridge Project

The Village of Carol Stream celebrated the successful completion of its project to replace the Illini Street Bridge over Klein Creek with a ribbon cutting ceremony on October 27th. WBK performed Phase I, II and III services for the project. The existing Illini Drive Bridge was a two span 20.8 foot long pre-stressed concrete slab bridge over Klein Creek constructed in 1974. In 1993, the Village built a reinforced concrete slab over the old deck beams to help distribute the load on the existing structure. During a routine bridge inspection conducted in 2011 it was observed that some of the deck beams were cracked and deteriorated with exposed reinforcement.

The Village’s objective was to correct deficiencies and replace the entire bridge with a structurally and hydraulically adequate bridge or culvert. The new structure was designed to accommodate the existing roadway cross section which includes a 25 foot wide road (28’ – 2” back of curb to back of curb), sidewalk and handrail with an overall deck width of 66 feet.