James O. Breen Community Park

James O. Breen Community Park (formerly West Side Park), a 340 acre regional park, located on the west side of Peck Road between Illinois Route 38 and Campton Hills Road, is owned and operated by the St. Charles Park District. With an initial OSLAD grant the Park District had previously constructed soccer and football fields along with parking. The local sports leagues had constructed a multi-purpose building and a playground. The District obtained a second OSLAD grant to construct additional play fields, stormwater management, trails, hard courts, a dog park with two fenced areas, one for smaller dogs and puppies and the other for larger dogs, and a disc golf course. Substantial additional parking was also provided for tournaments, and utilities were extended to the site to provide City sewer, water and electricity for the expanded site, as well as for a future aquatic facility. The sanitary sewer included 6” diameter through 12” diameter gravity pipe and a large capacity sewage pumping station. The water main was designed to accommodate the Aquatic Center and Spray Park. WBK Engineering, LLC (WBK) worked with Williams Architects to prepare construction documents for the Hickory Knolls Discovery Center and Otter Cove Aquatic Center at this park. Both opened to the public in 2011. Approximate total cost was $3.3 million.