Motorola Solutions, Inc. Headquarters Master Plan

The WBK Land Development team has provided a wide range of consulting services to Motorola Solutions, Inc. at the 325 acre Schaumburg, IL headquarter campus. WBK coordinated with CBRE and MSI staff to complete a campus assessment of existing conditions to facilitate working towards a multi-user campus on a site historically occupied only by Motorola. The campus infrastructure was mapped to begin the process of design and entitlements to allow for the creation of the first campus subdivision and the design of a new campus spine roadway system. WBK staff completed final engineering design for construction of the first phase of new infrastructure to facilitate a 32 acre parcel sale to Zurich North America and sale of right-of-way to the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority (ISTHA). WBK continued to work with the tollway authority for transportation and utility planning and a re-subdivision to create additional for sale parcels. WBK also completed a traffic study and a FAR modeling study to compare the existing campus development to future development scenarios to assist in TIF negotiations with the Village of Schaumburg. WBK staff worked with the Village of Schaumburg to gain required entitlements and variances needed for the subdivision process as well as completed a concept design for a Mixed-Use Town Center campus re-use plan to assist MSI in transitioning out of its ownership of the existing facilities.