Municipal Engineering and Public Infrastructure

At WBK we endeavor to improve the communities which we serve by fulfilling the goals of the agencies responsible for public services and infrastructure.  We apply our experience, technical ability and creativity to develop and implement solutions to the challenges public agencies face today.

We get it!  Public infrastructure is the foundation for the quality of life residents and customers enjoy and come to expect.  It’s not easy balancing public expectations, varying elected official priorities and financial responsibilities.  We bring a diverse range of professional skills and practical perspective to each and every client and to each and every project we are privileged to be called a partner.

WBK staff can provide a full suite of services including infrastructure and land use planning, conditions assessment, analysis and reporting, public facilitation and presentation, preparation of construction documents, bidding assistance, construction oversight, maintenance and monitoring of environmental resources, civil / municipal planning and design, Construction Management, Asset Management and GIS, Land Use Planning, Site and Facility Design, Environmental and Sustainable Design and Landscape Architecture.

Our Services Include planning, analysis and design of:
    • Water Supply and Distribution Systems
    • Wastewater Collection Networks
    • Stormwater management and drainage systems
    • Roadways and bridges
    • Pedestrian facilities
    • Streetscape projects
Also included
    • Construction Management and Observation
    • Land Use Planning
    • Engineering Plan, Plat and entitlement review
    • Environmental restoration and enhancement
    • Streambank Stabilization
    • Pavement management and rehabilitation

Featured Projects

Construction Observation – Sanitary Sewer Replacement Projects

The Municipal Services Group provides construction observation to counties, townships and municipalities which have responsibility for roadways, bridges and utilities. We are well versed in IDOT documentation requirements and have decades of field experience working with regulatory agencies, (IEPA, USACE, etc.) contractors and public agency owners. Our field staff is on the front line…

The City of Aurora completed preliminary engineering plans for installing separate storm sewers within the combined sewer system tributary to Aurora’s Downtown area. In 2010, the City submitted a Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Long Term Control Plan (LTCP) to the IEPA and USEPA in accordance with the City’s CSO NPDES Permit. Sewer separation is a component of the City’s LTCP as green…

WBK delivers accurate plan review services for projects of varying complexities. Our knowledgeable staff takes the time to thoroughly understand the municipal regulations and objectives, and how they relate to development within the community. We have experience with a complete range of review services, including stormwater management, floodplain, floodway, wetlands & buffers, special…