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Asset Management – Elgin MFT Program

Various municipalities have requested assistance from project team members with the preparation of Motor Fuel Tax Street Maintenance Program contract documents that typically consisted of the grinding and resurfacing of public streets.  The street maintenance programs also often included pavement patching, sidewalk replacement, curb and gutter replacement, drainage improvements, manhole adjustments, pavement striping and other associated work.  Construction observation services were provided when requested by the municipality.

The Municipal Services Group has worked successfully with the City of Elgin since 2010 facilitating local roadway maintenance programs throughout the City. WBK has facilitated a wide range of maintenance contracts including intermittent resurfacing, asphalt and concrete material bid, sidewalk repair programs, LED lighting replacement, pavement rejuvenating program, pavement marking, traffic signal maintenance and painting contracts and assistance with IDOT MFT audits. We have expedited construction contracts when necessary to complete work under tight deadlines. Services include design, bid assistance and construction observation.  

WBK also assists the City with design engineering on specific projects, a recent example is services related to the Oakwood Park Subdivision Street Rehabilitation.  The City anticipated reconstruction of infrastructure (roadways and drainage / storm sewer) and rehabilitation of the sanitary sewer which was to be funded in part with an SSA. This is considered the Ultimate Improvement Plan. However, due to the time necessary to establish an SSA and based on the condition of roadways, an Interim Improvement approach and plan was desired. Funds had been budgeted for improvements in 2015 and 2016. In the fall of 2015 all water main was replaced within the subdivision. WBK completed the final engineering plan and specifications and also performed all construction observation and documentation.

In addition to the administration of the MFT program, WBK serves as the Design and Construction Engineer for Elgin’s Neighborhood Resurfacing Program. Throughout the design and construction process WBK acts as the City’s representative and is responsible for the implementation of City policies, program administration, coordination and monitoring of consultants and contractors. This provides the City the with an overall management approach to help control and direct the completion of the bidding and planning documents in accordance with the City’s objectives of cost, time, and quality.

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Bid Administration, MFT Annual closeout documentation, and City Representation

Municipal Engineering and Public Infrastructure