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Construction Observation – Sanitary Sewer Replacement Projects

The Municipal Services Group provides construction observation to counties, townships and municipalities which have responsibility for roadways, bridges and utilities. We are well versed in IDOT documentation requirements and have decades of field experience working with regulatory agencies, (IEPA, USACE, etc.) contractors and public agency owners. Our field staff is on the front line representing your interests to the public and relative to the contract documents, permit conditions and with the contractor. We seek to minimize construction conflicts through pre-emptive coordination and timely communication.

A project we recently provided construction engineering services for the City of Aurora on is the Galena Boulevard, Elmwood Drive and Fourth Street Sanitary Sewer Replacement project.  WBK’s Resident Engineer acted as the representative for the City of Aurora, responsible for all phases of construction oversight and management, including field inspection, documentation of work and quantities, contractor coordination, preparation and submittal of cost estimates and change orders, and final processing. This project included the replacement of the existing sanitary sewer along Galena Boulevard, Elmwood Drive and Fourth Street in Aurora, Illinois. The existing sewer was undersized, with insufficient slope, and generally in poor condition with severe root growth within the main. 

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Construction Observation

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