Resource Management

The Resource Management Division of WBK is staffed with highly trained and experienced soil scientists, environmental engineers, botanists and landscape designers who provide a full range of ecological services. Our services to both private sector developers and public sector regulators provide accurate and complete assessments of site conditions as well as effective strategies for timely permitting.

Our Services Fall Within the Following Major Categories:

    • Wetland Delineations
    • Wetland Permitting (local and Army Corps of Engineers)
    • On-Site Wetland Design
    • Wetland Mitigation Bank Design and Permitting
    • Wetland Monitoring
Flora & Fauna
    • Native Landscape Planning & Design
    • Vegetation Success Monitoring
    • Tree Inventories and Quality Assessment
    • Habitat Studies
    • Threatened and Endangered Species Consultation
Soil Sciences
    • Soil Classification & Mapping
    • Land Application Assessments
    • On-Site Wastewater Treatment Evaluations
    • Stream Restoration & Stream Bank Stabilization
    • Erosion Control Monitoring
Grant Application Preparation
    • 319 Grant Applications
NPDES Phase II Program Management

Featured Projects

Comprehensive Watershed Study

The City of Geneva selected WBK Engineering to help develop a comprehensive approach to understanding and managing existing drainage infrastructure conditions within the City of Geneva. The overarching purpose of this study was to identify and effectively address the stormwater issues affecting the City and its residents and businesses. It was intended to improve decision making by informing City staff and elected officials of concerns related to drainage infrastructure…


The project consisted of the site design and permitting for Lake County’s Central Permitting Facility, located at 600 West Winchester Road in Libertyville, Illinois. Situated on a 100 acre site, the facility was constructed on 16 acres, leaving the balance as available open space. This $20 million project features a 64,000 square foot building that combines services previously housed in…

RiverEdge Park Blues Island and Music Garden is an 11.3-acre, master-planned park designed by the Aurora Park Collaborative.  The Music Garden consists of an outdoor theatre featuring world-class amenities such as sound and lighting instruments, a mix tower, concessions facilities, and site utilities.   Additionally, 1,700 feet of recreational, multi-use trail, 40,511-square feet of permeable…

As part of the Record of Decision for the final Environmental Impact Statement, wetland mitigation was proposed on a corridor-wide concept that was to help protect existing, sensitive resources while creating additional wetlands to mitigate for any wetland impacts incurred by the creation of the Stearns Road corridor and bridge. The Adaptive Management Plan is included as part of the United…