Stearns Road Corridor Adaptive Management Plan

As part of the Record of Decision for the final Environmental Impact Statement, wetland mitigation was proposed on a corridor-wide concept that was to help protect existing, sensitive resources while creating additional wetlands to mitigate for any wetland impacts incurred by the creation of the Stearns Road corridor and bridge. The Adaptive Management Plan is included as part of the United States Army Corps of Engineers’ permits requirements and Stearns Road Corridor and Bridge environmental commitments. WBK prepared the plans, specifications, and estimates for the project. The Adaptive Management Plan was let in December of 2008 for construction, and the contract was awarded. The construction of the Adaptive Management Plan was initiated in the spring of 2009. WBK is the Resident Engineer on-site during construction. The project is located on a total of five parcels and includes three project sites, located adjacent to the intersection of Stearns Road and Illinois Route 25 in unincorporated Kane County, Illinois. The parcels include the Roloff Property, Sandhill Annex, Whitegate Farm, Bio-Gro, and Elmhurst Chicago Stone.


ACEC-Illinois – Eminent Conceptor Award 2012

Project Details

Project Timeline: 

Scope of Work: 

Wetland mitigation planning, environmental agency coordination, coordination with General Contractor and Landscape Contractor, Soil Erosion and Sediment Control compliance inspections, oversight of native planting and seeding, monitoring of vegetation establishment

Resource Management