WBK’s Transportation Group consists of Engineers trained in transportation design and permitting and is IDOT prequalified. We are skilled in the design of roadway reconstruction/rehabilitation projects on local and county systems, as well as large and complex highway projects. Additionally, our staff is experienced in intersection alternative analysis and layout, roundabout design, traffic modeling, and the design of bridges and structures.

Our Services Fall Within the Following Major Categories:
    • Roadway Design
    • Schematic and Preliminary Design
    • Final Engineering Design
    • Intersection Alternative Analysis and Design
    • Roundabout Design
    • Traffic Impact Studies
    • Platting and Construction Layout
    • Local Agency Permitting
    • Environmental Permitting for Roadway Design
    • Floodplain Studies and Mapping
    • Floodway Construction Permitting
    • U.S. Army Corps of Engineering Permitting
    • Roadway Drainage & Detention
    • Bridge & Culvert Hydraulics
    • Phase I Location Drainage Studies
    • Culvert Replacement
    • Bridge Construction & Replacement
    • Floodplain, Floodway and Environmental Permitting
    • Channel Stabilization and Restoration Design
    • Letters of Map Revisions (LOMRs)

Featured Projects

WBK completed the Phase I Project Development Report, Phase II Engineering Services, and Phase III Construction Engineering Services for the reconstruction and widening of Indian Trail Road for the City of Aurora. Indian Trail Road, FAU Route 1503, is located in the City of Aurora, with the limits of the project extending from Church Road on the west to Farnsworth Avenue on the east, a length…

Kane County Division of Transportation contracted with WBK to provide Phase I and Phase II Engineering services to prepare plans, specifications, estimates, right-of-way plats and legal descriptions and permit applications for the replacement of the 8’ x 7’ twin cell reinforced concrete box culvert carrying LaFox Road over Mill Creek and a smaller 4’ x 6½’ reinforced concrete box culvert…

In 2001, the City of Elgin took first steps towards implementing their vision of the Spartan Drive corridor as a continuous East-West corridor from Randall Road to McLean Boulevard improving access to Elgin Community College (ECC). Incremental steps were accomplished over the years, leaving the City with the final piece of the improvement, reconstructing the existing section of roadway between…