South Street Tunnel Breaks Through

Tunneling for the Kane County Division of Transportation’s 140-foot long South Street Tunnel has broken through the east side under Randall Road.  WBK provided Phase I and Phase II structural and civil engineering of this bicycle/pedestrian tunnel under Randall Road. The project is approximately 1,200’ in length and includes a 140-foot long, 12-foot inside diameter concrete jacking pipe that was bored and jacked in place. 

Phase I engineering included a comprehensive preliminary engineering study, which included a Project Development Report, environmental survey, geotechnical investigation, preliminary design survey, stream survey, right-of-way survey, plats and legal descriptions.

Phase II design included cast-in-place culvert end sections, 6’x4’ box culvert and end sections, HMA bikepath, curb and gutter, traffic signal modifications, guardrail, and restoration. The project is being funded by the Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program.