WBK Completes Downers Grove Stormwater Project Analysis Report to Assist Village with Infrastructure Planning

In the aftermath of the April 2013 floods, the Village of Downers Grove undertook a number of data gathering and analysis initiatives which culminated in the identification of a total of 21 locations distributed throughout the Village which would be the subjects of the 2014 Stormwater Project Analysis, performed by WBK. The purpose of this study was to develop at least one feasible project for each study area, then recommend a prioritization framework which the Village could use to determine how to focus their expenditures on Stormwater Infrastructure.

The result is a suggested project for each area, in a prioritized listing in accordance with the underlying recommended policies used by the Village to set a standard for Stormwater Infrastructure.  John Wills comments, “The Village has always been progressive and proactive in serving their residents and business. A systematic approach will serve all equitably.”  The project is discussed in a Chicago Tribune article dated July 8, 2014.